Dec 06 2023

Florence hosts SRC Conference 2023 organized by NRDC-ITA

"The significant event, organized by NATO Command in Milan under the supervision of SME-III RPGF-UGPF, took place in the Tuscan city with the support of IGM and DAE."

Florence, December 1, 2023.
The Graduated Readiness Force Land (GRF-L) Senior Resource Committee (SRC) Conference 2023 concluded today in Florence at the Army Administration Directorate (DAE), hosted by Italy and organized by the Rapid Reaction Corps (NRDC-ITA) in close synergy with the Army General Staff, III Department, General Financial Planning Office.

The event, attended by representatives from the respective Defense Staffs of all Contributing Nations (CNs) of NATO Force Structure (NFS) Multinational Commands, aimed to allow the participating Headquarters to present their budget proposals for 2024 and the Medium-Term Financial Plan (MTFP) for the period 2025-2028, subject to approval by the CNs.

Following the welcome address to the participants by NRDC-ITA Commander, Lieutenant General Lorenzo D'Addario, discussions took place in unified sessions, under the supervision of the III Department of the SME, General Financial Planning Office, addressing issues that emerged during the previous Financial Conference (FINCON) in Poland and topics related to the restructuring of training programs for the next five years.

The week-long activity proved highly fruitful, also in light of the synergistic efforts of other supporting entities, such as the Military Geographic Institute, the Army Administration Directorate, and subordinate units of NRDC-ITA.

Story by NRDC-ITA Public Affairs Office