Nov 24 2023


NRDC-ITA welcomes Ambassador Marco Peronaci, the Permanent Representative to NATO


NRDC-ITA welcomes Ambassador Marco Peronaci, the Permanent Representative to NATO

Solbiate Olona, November 24, 2023. Today, the institutional visit of the Permanent Representative to the Atlantic Council, Ambassador Marco Peronaci, accompanied by the Military Adviser, Gen. D.A. Lunardi, took place at the operational headquarters of NRDC-ITA.

Lieutenant General Lorenzo D’Addario welcomed Ambassador Peronaci to share experiences and outline potential areas of convergence, with particular attention to NATO's upcoming challenges. This is in anticipation of NRDC-ITA assuming the role of Allied Reaction Force (ARF) Headquarters to support the Alliance in its three main tasks: deterrence and defense, crisis prevention and management, and cooperative security.

During the meetings with NRDC-ITA's Commander, Major General Bennet, and Major General Terzano, Vice Commander and Chief of Staff of NRDC-ITA, the Ambassador received an informative briefing on the new commitment and the numerous activities of the Milan Command. These activities will culminate in the Steadfast Deterrence 24 exercise, aimed at validating the ARF HQ starting from July 1, 2024.

Throughout the visit, Ambassador Peronaci also met with Senior Officials from the nations contributing personnel to the Solbiate Olona Headquarters.