Oct 10 2023


NRDC-ITA carried out an important exercise in Crete


NRDC-ITA carried out an important exercise in Crete

Crete, October 6, 2023.
From 1 to 6 October, a multinational team, headed by Lieutenant General Lorenzo D’Addario, the NRDC-ITA Commander, conducted the Eagle Mercurius 23 (EAME23).

This enlightening staff ride was carried in Crete to delve deep into the historical Operation Merkure. This experience, with a series of recognition and cases study, reinforced the timeless value of military history in shaping leadership, strategy and combat psychology. By examining the past, it is possible to gain invaluable insights into present and future multidomain operations, allowing military leaders to make well informed decisions and enhance their critical thinking skills.

The five days’ event saw the analysis of many battles fought during Second World War in the Operation Merkure with a very heart-felt tribute to the fallen, among the others, to the Suda Bay War Cemetery, honoring the sacrifices made in the pursuit of peace and freedom.

EAME23 further consolidated the belief that history remains a powerful teacher and this staff ride exemplifies how the lessons of the past continue to influence leadership and strategic thinking in today’s ever-evolving military landscape. Furthermore, this activity represented the first opportunity to collectively discuss about many topics related to the recent designation of NRDC-ITA as interim ARF Headquarters and is one of the events which, together with academic studies and specific staff training, will culminate with the Steadfast Deterrence.

This exercise will validate NRDC-ITA before assuming this role in July 2024 through a long journey which will allow to the NATO Command in Milan to expand its reach across domains and nations, develop friendships and partnerships whilst delivering mutual training and support.