Sep 25 2023

NRDC-ITA “Eagle Walk 23” in Romania

NRDC-ITA carried out an important exercise with Romanian allies


NRDC-ITA carried out an important exercise with Romanian allies

Braila (ROU), September 22, 2023.
From 18 to 22 September, a multinational team, headed by Major General Jeremy Bennet, the NRDC-ITA Deputy Commander, conducted the Eagle Walk 23 (EAWA23).

The activity was carried in Romania with the support of the Multinational Corps South East (MNC-SE) located in Sibiu. The EAWA23, with a series of recognition and history cases study, aimed at developing effective lesson learnt from the past and increasing terrain knowledge and familiarity. Then, the activity further enhanced the cooperation with MNC-SE in terms of partnership and mutual support.

During the visit, Major General Bennet and Major General Nicola Terzano, NRDC-ITA Chief of Staff, met the Commander of MNC-SE, Major General Dragoș-Dumitru Iacob, who briefed about the mission of MNC-SE on the South-Eastern flank of NATO.

Continuing the four-day event, the delegation saw the analysis of many battles fought during First and Second World War in the southeastern part of the country with a very heart-felt visit to Marasesti Mausoleum and a related tribute to the fallen.

EAWA23 represented a useful opportunity for the multinational staff to increase professional preparation for the incoming training activities and familiarize with the terrain study which is crucial for any military operation.

These events ensure that the NATO Command maintain constant vigilance of potential risks for the Alliance. Being at the forefront of operational capability, NRDC-ITA reinforces the main NATO aim of deterrence and collective defense.